Our Work & Achievements

Equity_WordleThe Social Justice Network is a non-for-profit organisation that was founded in NSW by active community members who became sure that the political parties would not satisfy the society ambition to achieve social justice in the society.

The main issues that prompted the foundation of this organisation were: racism, Islamophobia, attacks on the rights of refugees and migrants and the low representation of marginalized communities in the decision making bodies. Other important issues related to above mentioned ones are the Australian foreign policies and increasing extremism and radicalization in the society.

The group had developed declaration as a charter to outline its vision. The main objectives the declaration seeks to achieve are:

  • Advocate and work to increase the representation of marginalised communities in the decision making bodies as a way to achieve practical multiculturalism. This is very vital step to fight racism, Islamphobia and discrimination against other marginalised groups in the society.
  • Help creating real alternative political force that works to redistribute the common wealth in more just way by increasing government active roles to protect vulnerable and marginalised groups. This could be achieved by increasing public spending on education, health, housing and reform tax system.
  • Change the foreign policy of Australia from blind support of western super powers to more balanced policy that recognize the rights of oppressed and poor nations to enjoy real political and economical independence.

  • Our Work

    To achieve our goals, the network carried out several activities in the last few years. This includes:

    • Opposed extremism and radicalisation and promoted peace and harmony is society. The group is one of the most active groups on fighting against extremism and promoting peace. The group is one of the very few voices against terrorist activities in Syria, from the beginning of Syrian crisis.
    • Opposed Islamophobia and considering it as a tool to divide the society in a bid to achieve the goals of the neo-liberals of maintaining the control of power and wealth by rich. In this regard, the group was active in opposing all these tactics.
    • Opposed the illegal and inhumane treatment of refugees and asylum seekers, by organizing or participating in rallies, protests, letter writing and signature collecting on petitions. The group also organized or participated in organizing festivals and celebrations to change the negative idea about the refugees and asylum seekers in the society.
    • Opposed the Western invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, including opposing the Australian participation in these invasions.
    • Opposed the Israeli war on Lebanon (2006) by participating in organizing rallies, protests and donation collection. The group played instrumental role in organizing Parliamentary solidarity delegation that visited Lebanon after the invasion.
    • Opposed the Israeli occupation of Palestine and condemned the repeated massacres and human rights abuses conducted by Israelis against the Palestinian people, including the ones committed by Israel during its latest invasion of Gaza.
    • Campaign in elections, including running candidates in the local governments and state elections.
    • Works closely with different communities to empower them and increase its representation in decision making bodies.
    • The group’s active members are experts in many issues. These issues include: extremism and radicalisation, multiculturalism, racism, foreign policy and immigration and refugee issues.
    • The group helps anyone needs any help in any capacity it could. This includes writing submissions to authorities or to media about issues of concern. The group was successful in resolving many issues.